Re: Q and Papias

On 27 Oct 1994, STEVE SCHAPER wrote:
>  Identical? No. Curiously different in wording, while being very similar. The
> closest analogy I've seen are separate eyewitnesses writing down what they've
> remembered of a speech or major event.

Take a look at Matthew 3.3b (beginning "Gennhmata exidnwn ...) through 10 
(ending "... eis pur balletai") and then at Luke 3.7b through 9 (with 
identical wording). This is the passage usually considered the first text 
of "Q" and while there are many passages where there are, as you put it, 
numerous passages that are "very similar, but curiously different in 
wording," there are also quite a few that are like this, identical in 

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