Re: Q and Papias

I might suggest the Bruce Chilton book "Profiles of A Galilean Rabbi" who 
addresses this very issue.

-Larry Swain
Parmly Billings Library

On 29 Oct 1994, Stan Anderson wrote:

> > Perhaps we need to examine what methods were used in training the disciples
> > of the rabbis in particular, but perhaps also the disciples of the
> > philosophical schools as well. My understanding is that the former both
> > learned to recite sayings word for word, but also took notes, at least in some
> > cases. Such multiple separate traditions coming from multiple students could
> > produce the situation we see in the synoptics of many of the same sayings and
> > situations being reported, with similar, yet altered language not
> > characteristic of literary sourcing.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^
> What texts do you have in mind that are literarily dependent and show
> greater verbal similarity than what is found in the portions of
> Matthew and Luke that are generally considered to come from Q?  
> Stan Anderson
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