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On Wed, 30 Nov 1994 Dvdmoore@aol.com wrote:
>      If it were the case in Jn. 1:1 that we should understand, "The message
> was concerning God," most probably we should expect to find a verb of
> speaking in stead of one of being.  All the examples given in BAGD (s.v.
> PROS, section III,5,a) where both Mat. 19:8 and and Lk. 20:19 are found, have
> verbs of speaking except for Acts 24:16 (which doesn't really correspond to
> what we're talking about in Jn. 1:1) and Mat. 19:8.  On the latter, however,
> see the the parallel in Mk. 10:5 which supplies a verb of speaking.  In
> short, if Jn. 1:1 were to be taken as Greg Jordan suggests, its translation
> as such would constitute a rarity for the type of construction we have.
Greg, and others too, perhaps, has already suggested that the phrasing of 
1.18," ho wn eis ton tou patros kolpon" is itself mighty peculiar and 
perhaps deserves a thread of its own. It appears to me (without having 
done any of the necessary spade work at all--and it wouldn't surprise me 
if there's a thesis somewhere on this topic) that the Johannine usage of 
prepositions is itself a topic deserving of study independent of other NT 
texts. It may also be, of course, that the prologue's usage is unique in 
the Johannine text overall in this regard.

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