Re: Jhn. 1:1 discussion

On Fri, 2 Dec 1994, Gregory Jordan (ENG) wrote:

> My 1 vol. Rahlfs reads:
> Exodus 3:14  Kai eipen ho theos pros MOusEn EgO eimi ho On: kai eipen 
> HoutOs ereis tois huiois IsraEl Ho On apestalken me pros humas.
> Is this how your LXX reads, or are we looking at two different versions?  
> Mine notes no significant variants.
> Perhaps then we are just reading it differently.  I read it as clearly 
> saying God's name is "Ho On," not "EgO Eimi."

Surely the point that was being made was the allusion in John to the whole 
phrase "egO eimi ho On" which is right there in the Rahlfs text.