Re: Jhn. 1:1 discussion

On Fri, 2 Dec 1994, Philip L. Graber wrote:

> Recheck the LXX text: the first part of the verse is quoted verbatim by 
> David Moore, whereas you are quoting the from the last part of the verse.

My 1 vol. Rahlfs reads:

Exodus 3:14  Kai eipen ho theos pros MOusEn EgO eimi ho On: kai eipen 
HoutOs ereis tois huiois IsraEl Ho On apestalken me pros humas.

Is this how your LXX reads, or are we looking at two different versions?  
Mine notes no significant variants.

Perhaps then we are just reading it differently.  I read it as clearly 
saying God's name is "Ho On," not "EgO Eimi."  That is why it reads, "Ho 
On apestalken me pros humas," not "EgO Eimi apestalken me pros humas."  
The "EgO eimi" in this verse is used in its normal sense, to say God's 
name.  Thus if John's Jesus were quoting from this text, he would 
seemingly have referred to himself as "Ho On."

It has since occurred to me that maybe Jesus is not alluding to this 
passage at all.  He says, "prin Abraam genesthai" (John 8:58), yet Moses 
lived long after Abraham, and the Burning Bush episode was after Abraham, 
not before him.

Greg Jordan

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