ideology and translation

I don't know the "Jay Green Interlinear" but I can suggest 2
reasons why Baker might choose a Greek text from 1611:
1)  Economic -- it's in the public domain.  No permissions, no
royalties.  This would not be the case with, eg, Nestle or UBS.
2)  Theological -- many people (around here, anyway) still regard
the 1611 KJV as the ultimate Bible, surpassing all others. 
Likewise the Greek mss on which it is based would be superior to
all others.  In my experience, Baker publishes works which cater
to this end of the theological spectrum.

One of the high points at SBL for me was Robert Carroll's paper
on the ideology of translation (specifically referring to the
1611 Bible).  We need to get rid of the idea that translations
(or any textual "tools") are somehow theologically innocent.

George Aichele