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> gdoudna@ednet1.osl.or.gov (Greg Doudna) wrote:
> >I would add a comment to Larry and others: if we didn't have
> >John 1, there would be no direct NT evidence indicating an
> >identity, apart from the indirect argument that the names 
> >Cephas and Peter have similar meanings and in certain ways
> >the two figures appear to correspond in roles.  As for the
> >meaning of the names being the same, this argument would
> >hold greater weight, it seems to me, if other instances
> >could be cited in the ancient world in which names were
> >translated in meaning across languages.  I don't know that
> >such instances don't exist; I just am not aware of any in
> >the case of names.  (Counterevidence welcome.)
>      One bit of couterevidence comes to mind right away.  Take the following
> from Pausanias, for instance, where he says of the name-title of the Roman
> *E(LLHNWN SEBASTOS (from BAGD, s.v. SEBASTOS).  Cf. Lu. 2:1; Acts 25:21,25;
> 27:1. The Luke reference shows that the transliteration of the Latin of the
> emperor's name-title could also be used in Greek (See BAGD, s.v. *AUGOUSTOS).
>  Oskar Cullmann has suggested (supposedly in reference to the translation of
> *KHFAS to *PETROS in Jn. 1:42), that "the fact of translation supports the
> contention that Cephas was not a proper name, since one does not translate
> proper names" (_TDNT_, s.v. *PETROS, *KHFAS, VI:101).  It might be that "Peter
> /Cephas", in analogy to the example above, should not be seen simply as a
> proper name, but  as a name-title.
David's post here reminds me that there was no comment on the question I 
raised a few days ago when the equation of (K)ALPHAIOS and KHPHAS was 
first brought up: will the vowel equivalence suggested between the A of 
(K)ALPHAIOS and the H (pronounced "ee") of KHPHAS really float? I can't 
answer that question but it would seem to me be a problem. Can anyone 
offer any advice on this question? 

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