Romans 8:4: peri

    I'd be interested in the thoughts of other regarding the
meaning of peri in Romans 8:4 and kata in 6:5.  In general,
I would give kata the meaning "acccording to" but I'm not sure
that exactly expresses Paul's thoght, which then brings up
the question of how free one should be in translation to get
the thought across even if departing from a "literal" rendering
of a word if it is misleading.  I also would liek feedback on
my view that the best way to view Paul's genetives of of sarx and
pneuma in 8:5 would be something like "belonging to".  I have
purposely not looked to see what BAGD do with peri or kata 
here because I don't want a gloss  I want to find appropriate
choices from the known semantic domain, not from how Bauer
thought it should be interpreted.  Thanks.

Ken Litwak