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On 7 Dec 1994 JOHNSOST@cgs.edu wrote:
>                           ...  In Mark 4, they are taught in secret.
... much omitted]

Regarding chapter 4, the teaching of the disciples in secret seems to be 
surrounded with heavy irony. Even the phrasing of the antithesis in 4:11, 
"humin ... ekeinois de tois exw" raises questions regarding whether or 
how many of the disciples are actually "insiders," and then in 4:13 he 
tells them, "you don't understand THIS parable? How are you going to 
understand ANY parable?" Inasmuch as that first parable is carefully 
enclosed in parenthetical warnings about listening if one has ears and in 
view of the fact that the interpretation of the parable in 4:14ff. seems 
pointed at least in part at the "soil" qualities of disciples as 
listeners, it's hard to take this declaration that the disciples are 
given to know the mysteries of the kingdom as unqualified. What seems to 
me suggested is that even among "the disciples and those about Jesus" 
there are both "insiders" and "outsiders," the "outsiders" of which group 
are not going to grasp the messianic secret until after the resurrection.

I would like to apologize to the list for my ill-considered and 
ill-phrased postings yesterday on the present-tense aspect of EINAI. At 
best they were of only tangential relevance to the discussion of John 
8:58, and I failed to make my point clear in any case. I'll try to be 
more thoughtful about hitting that reply command hereafter.

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