Fonts available

This is an advertisement regarding ancient fonts sent to the list owner
and now being forwarded to the list as a whole.  I do not receive any
money for this, hence I do judge if the topic of the advertisement is
appropriate to the list's subject matter.

I am using this opportunity to see it at least 5 people on the list fall into
the following category: 1) You did not already know about this product
2) You really wanted to know about this product 3) You sent away for the
information. 4) You send me mail saying so.

If you fit this category drop me a quick note.  I'm not certain how I will
use this information, but I would like to know.

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Please post the following message to the discussion list NT-GREEK:

Ecological Linguistics offers high quality fonts for Greek and essentially all
other alphabets of the world including many extinct writing systems; also many
transliteration standards

You will find these fonts to be both higher quality and lower prices than those
available from other sources.  Rated "best foreign language fonts" by one of
the two largest Macintosh users groups for two years running.  Used by major
academic institutions for publishing.

For Macintosh (best on system 7 or later), for all alphabets, including super-
efficient keyboard software; both Postscript and TrueType outline font formats
scalable to any size.

For Windows (3.1 or later), TrueType fonts

The following scripts are (as of December 1994) available on Macintosh only in
system versions 7.1 to 7.1.2: Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Arabic/Hebrew, not on

A free catalog of samples is available if you send your postal address (not
email or fax) via Internet to


or via Applelink to


Or send a letter by post to
Ecological Linguistics
P.O. Box 15156
Washington, D.C., 20003