Re: John 20:30-31

Date: Tue Aug 22 1995 - 09:09:16 EDT

"Carlton et al.: I should make clear that I didn't see the participle
(PISTEUONTES) as conditional in force. If anything, I would view it as
causal. But I really think it more likely that both subjunctives were in
the present tense."

I read too much into your translation. I think that it is causal and the
likelihood is that both subjunctives are present, though the aorist would fit
better in the style of John (Kilpatrick). The Alexandrian scribes tended
toward grammatical exactness and likely improved the text.

I think also that eternal life in John accompanies an "eternal" faith, i.e.
total commitment.

Carlton Winbery
Prof. NT & Greek
La College, Pineville, LA

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