Re: John 20:30-31

From: Ron Skrabanek (
Date: Tue Aug 22 1995 - 21:49:56 EDT

Thank you for the information and assurance. When I see something in the greek
text that commentators don't mention, I don't feel confident to teach it without
a bit of comformation. I fear I am in the category of "a little knowledge is a
dangerous thing."

For example, I had overlooked the significanct of the [S] in PISTEU[S]HTE. How
do you treat textual criticism when the editors are't confident enough in their
own decision to change the text? There is certainly a lot evidence for the
aorist here. Will decision will have a huge impact the final interpretation of
the purpose statement?

How certain are you that the author of John uses the phrase ZWH AIWNIOS and the
word ZWH interchangably? I count 22 uses of ZWH without AIWNIOS and 17
occurances of the phrase ZWH AIWNIOS. Do you think a study of the different
usages might be profitable?


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