Re: Worship

Date: Sat Sep 02 1995 - 20:05:59 EDT

On Thu, 31 Aug 1995 wrote:

> My basic topic is as follows: What exactly is worship??

Dear Brian:

I don't know your ecclesiastical (church) tradition (background), but a
good place for you to start is Ron Allen's book *Worship: the Missing
Jewel* published (I think) by Multnomah Press. I think you could follow
what he has to say with great profit. If you are a very bright reader,
try Ralph Martin's work on worship published by (again I think)
Eerdmann's. Your Christian bookstore ought to be able to help you find
both of those.

This list is for discussion between those who are competent already with
biblical Hebrew. If you choose to read Allen, I would be happy to discuss
a few ideas *briefly* by private E-mail AFTER you have taken the trouble
to read Allen.

A note to others who have responded--let's be gracious. It took some guts
to ask this! I would say "probably a great mouser"!! Perhaps some day a
great Hebraist!!!


John Hilber

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