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Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 15:42:16 EDT

While I hesitate to comment on books, I do teach a lot of basic Greek to
adult learners. An inductive approach seems to work well and a book
available here in the U.K. is particularly useful if somewhat irritating to
those who take a paradigm/strictly grammatical approach. It is John H.
Dobson _Learn New Testament Greek_, Bible Society, Swindon, 1988, rev 1992.
ISBN 0-564-08225-2. It has an accompanying tape. Most of the work is based
on the text of the NT and all exercises come with answers alongside and
notes on translation. I find my ordinands (all over 30) gain a great deal
of confidence and enthusiasm from the book and many eventually make the
transition to a more technical study. All are enriched by the attempt
rather than discouraged.
Marilyn Marie Parry

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