Re:Funk's Workbook

Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 15:58:41 EDT

>1) Funk mentions an Exercise book based on his selected >texts that goes
with this Grammar. Is that a 4th volume that >I need to try to locate if I
want to use his Grammar or parts >of it?

The Title of it is Workbook for A Beginning-Intermediate Grammar of
Hellenistic Greek by Lane C. McGaughy IV Exercises, Reading Assignments,
Translation Notes, Scholars Press Sources fior Biblical Study 6.

Someone from Scholar's press may be able to tell you where you can find it.

Funk's approach is a good one. It helps students to understand the language
as they master form. The Workbook simply gives the student written practice
of each element of the language as it is studied.

LaSor's two volume word giving an inductive study of Greek using Acts is a
good presentation of an inductive approach. I found that it took students
more time to use this than the paradigm method. That may have been more
because Luke's Greek is more difficult to learn as a beginning study.
 Another such study was by Wahlther using I John, but I do not remember the
publisher, Maybe the University of Chicago.

Carlton Winbery
Prof. Religion
LaCollege Pineville, La

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