From: Mari Olsen (
Date: Wed Sep 06 1995 - 11:13:34 EDT

I can't speak from a teaching standpoint about grammars, but *I*
learned using LaSor and liked it, primarily because it allowed one to
review or continue on in the text where necessary (by referring to the
relevant volume 2 section or not). Add to that the satisfaction of
'reading' in the very first lesson and the completion of a 'long' book
(Acts). Furthermore, vocabulary memorization was facilitated by
linking the Greek to the English words dervied therefrom. The latter
could certainly be considered a disadvantage in later study, in that
students may erroneously assume that the collocations and meaning of
the English and the Greek are the same. They may consequently
underestimate the need for further investigation or instruction for
true scholarly interpretation. That is, they get what I call NASB
Greek. However, for the majority sitting through an obligatory year
of Greek, I think it is adequate.

Mari Broman Olsen
Northwestern University
Department of Linguistics
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