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Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 15:03:19 EDT

Karen Pitts wrote,
>For my own personal study, I'm looking for a good grammer that's inbetween
introductory Greek (for which I already have three, Efrid, Voeltz, and "It's
Greek to Me") and Smythe. I got my Greek from weekly sessions with
seminarians at Princeton Theological Seminary and from weekly readings with
pastor, but feel the need for something which fills in the gaps. I'm also
teaching introductory Greek, so I need something to answer my students'

If you want to answer your student's question, you should have Robert Funk, A
Beginning-Intermediate Grammar of Hellenistic Greek. Vol. I gives good
discusions for the mastery of morphology with enough syntax to get started.
 Vol. II is Syntax and Vol III is a very useful appendix and further
explanation of Morphology. Many people have found Brooks and Winbery, Syntax
of NT Greek an easy introduction to syntax, but I have often disagreed with
some of the examples selected by Brooks.
Carlton Winbery
La College, Pineville, La

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