Date: Tue Sep 12 1995 - 09:16:01 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote,
> What I wonder about at this point is your repeated
>emphasis on and use of the word "church." While I think it is >clear beyond
all doubt that Mark has a profound concept of >discipleship, I really wonder
whether he has a concept of the >ekklesia (and of course he doesn't use the
word) or any kind of >institution. He has a notion of a "household" or
"kindred" to >which disciples belong, but it seems to me that he doesn't
>really develop a notion of an ecclesiastical community that >supports a
shared mission so much as he has a GOSPEL and an >urgent mission to
promulgate it.
The use of the word "church" in my post is my own terminology. Mark would
have called them "Disciples" because of his emphasis on suffering Messiah
parallel to suffering disciples.
Carlton Winbery
LA College Pineville, LA

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