Date: Tue Sep 12 1995 - 09:22:48 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote,
>The dating BEFORE 70 is certainly plausible, but the end of
>Jerusalem would seem to be within view at the time of >writing, and, as I've
said before, I really wonder whether the >assassination of Nero isn't
envisioned in the remarks about >political turmoil in chapter 13. (Was it or
wasn't it written in >Rome? Intriguing and perhaps unanswerable question!)
Willi Marxsen was the one who introduced me to the date right before the
outbreak of the war. Chapter 13 especially fits well there. B.W. Bacon's
location of the writing in Rome is still advocated by many, but I think that
Marxsen may be right when he places it in Galilee (though I think for
different reasons). I do not think that Mark would have been affected by the
events in Palestine so much were not his readers subject to be drawn into the
defense of Jerusalem by the likes of John of Gischala. There would have been
a need also to explain terms even in Galilee of the Gentiles. Of course, the
influence of Nero's death would have influenced Mark I think only if he were
in Rome (I Peter 5, John Mark is with me in Babylon).
Carlton Winbery
LA College Pineville, LA

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