Re: Mark 16 (Oh, no, not again?)

Date: Fri Sep 15 1995 - 13:44:52 EDT

Bruce Terry wrote,
>(I'm having trouble deciding whether hRHGNUMI in
Mk. 2:22 and hRHSSW in Mk. 9:18 are the same or different words.<

Bruce, I'm working off the top of my head here since I am at home. I think
that James Brooks and I list these as variations of the same root - hRHG.
 One forms the present (stem of the first Princ. part) by adding NU and uses
the MI endings in the present. The second one forms the present by adding a
consonantal I which combines with the G to form the SS. Another words that
do the same is KRAZW. Note that the perfect passive of that one is
Carlton Winbery
LA College, Pineville, LA

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