Re: Mark 16 (Oh, no, not again?)

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Date: Fri Sep 15 1995 - 14:03:50 EDT

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>Bruce Terry wrote,
>>(I'm having trouble deciding whether hRHGNUMI in
>Mk. 2:22 and hRHSSW in Mk. 9:18 are the same or different words.<
>Bruce, I'm working off the top of my head here since I am at home. I think
>that James Brooks and I list these as variations of the same root - hRHG.
> One forms the present (stem of the first Princ. part) by adding NU and uses
>the MI endings in the present. The second one forms the present by adding a
>consonantal I which combines with the G to form the SS. Another words that
>do the same is KRAZW. Note that the perfect passive of that one is

This is true, they are variants of the same verb root. In Homer there are
numerous instances of such variants. But in Homer the existence of the
variants side by side can be readily explained by the process of oral
composition and shared formulae of different bards. It's much harder to
account for a single writer using variant verb forms.

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