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From: Bruce Terry (
Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 12:26:12 EDT

On Wed, 13 Sep 95, Mark O'Brien wrote:

>As part of a project to possibly propose a consistent method for evaluating
>internal support for textual variants, I am interested in finding out a little
>more about analyzing the style of the various NT writings. To be specific, what
>criterion are used when evaluating the style of NT Greek? Any pointers would be
>greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A major consideration must be the type of text: narrative, expository,
hortatory, persuasive, procedural. A change in any of these will generate a
change in style, although some, like hortatory and persuasive, are much more
alike than others. One must be careful to compare "apples" to "apples."

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