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Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 14:13:46 EDT

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>> As part of a project to possibly propose a consistent method for evaluating
>> internal support for textual variants, I am interested in finding out a
>> more about analyzing the style of the various NT writings. To be specific,
>> criterion are used when evaluating the style of NT Greek? Any pointers would
>> greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

> A major consideration must be the type of text: narrative, expository,
> hortatory, persuasive, procedural. A change in any of these will generate a
> change in style, although some, like hortatory and persuasive, are much more
> alike than others. One must be careful to compare "apples" to "apples."

This is, of course, a good point. Would you expect a particular author to be
consistent within each of these types? For example, if Paul writes some
expository material in Galatians, would you expect his style to remain
reasonably (whatever that means!) consistent if he did the same thing in Romans?
Similarly, would you expect Luke's narrative style in his gospel to be
necessarily consistent with his narrative style in Acts?

Mark O'Brien

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