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Date: Sun Sep 17 1995 - 15:26:51 EDT

On Wed, 13 Sep 95, Mark O'Brien wrote:

>However, your example raises the question: How did Kilpatrick arrive at the
>conclusion that KAI META was more in keeping with Markan style? Was there some
>objective method for deducing this?

Clearly; just note how many times Mark begins sentences with KAI. This is in
imitation of the Hebrew narrative style. There are, to be sure, whole
sections with very few KAI's beginning sentences, but they are rare. This is
a significant argument against the Markan authorship of the long ending of
Mark as well as of in the passage in question. The danger in this is that
style dictates a likelihood of a particular conjunction occuring. It really
cannot say whether in a given situation it did or did not occur.

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