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From: Mark O'Brien (Mark_O'
Date: Mon Sep 18 1995 - 14:43:54 EDT

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Terry) :

>On Wed, 13 Sep 95, Mark O'Brien responded to my post that in evaluating style
>a major consideration must be the type of text (narrative, expository,
>hortatory, persuasive, procedural):

>>This is, of course, a good point. Would you expect a particular author to be
>>consistent within each of these types? For example, if Paul writes some
>>expository material in Galatians, would you expect his style to remain
>>reasonably (whatever that means!) consistent if he did the same thing in
>>Romans? Similarly, would you expect Luke's narrative style in his gospel to be
>>necessarily consistent with his narrative style in Acts?

>The answer to all three questions is no.

I guess that part of the problem in dealing with style in the NT is just the
small amount of data to work with, but this would appear to make any kind of
style analysis very tenuous indeed.

Mark O'Brien

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