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At 9:38 AM 9/21/95, Bruce Terry wrote:
>On Wed, 20 Sep 1995, Carlton Winbery wrote:
>>Subject: Re: Mark 16 hRHSSW/hRHGNUMI
>>We treated these words as variant spellings of the same word in the
>>Morphology. We generally followed BAGD in these matters.
>Thanks, Carlton. What had me confused about this was that BAG gives different
>meanings for hRHGNUMI (tear, break) and hRHSSW (throw down, dash). This made
>me think they were different words.
>Your post drove me back to BAG and then to LSJM. I note that they list Mark
>9:18 under hRASSW, for which they give the Attic as hRATTW and the Ionic and
>Koine as hRHSSW.
>Does this change things?

No, it doesn't. In Attic dialect the shift of original long-alpha to eta,
which was carried through without exception in Ionic, was inhibited if the
long-alpha was preceded by epsilon, iota, or rho, the last of which is the
case here. Secondly, the phonetic combination GY + O/E (thematic vowel)
produced regularly Attic presents in -TTW, Ionic presents in -SSW (Attic
PRATTW = Ionic PRASSW, the former pronounced originally, I believe,
something like "pratcho," the latter something like "prassho"). The Ionic
forms are generally the ones found in the Koine. The upshot: they ought
still to be seen as variants of the same verb.

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