Early Christian texts

From: Michael W. Holmes (holmic@homer.acs.bethel.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 21 1995 - 10:55:37 EDT

On Thu, 21 Sep 1995, Travis Bauer wrote:

> I was playing around with the perseus home page and the related
> sites. I didn't realize that so many Greek texts were available on the
> net. This is probably an overasked question on this list, but I've never
> heard the answer. Are early Greek Christian texts available on the net?
> I'm thinking of the Didache in particular.
As a consequence of publishing a Greek-English edition of the
Apostolic Fathers (Lightfoot and Harmer, _The Apostolic Fathers: Greek
Texts and English Translation of Their Writings_ [Grand Rapids: Baker,
1992]), I have the text of all the AF on disk, in Nota Bene Lingua
format. I also have access to a web site here at Bethel. If the texts
are not already on the net somewhere, perhaps someone who knows about
such things could figure out how to make my copy available? (I'm a
complete neophyte when it comes to publishing on the WWW.) Thanks in
advance for any assistance.

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