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Date: Fri Sep 22 1995 - 16:51:39 EDT

On Fri, 22 Sep 1995, Mark O'Brien wrote:

> Original message sent on Fri, Sep 22 9:25 AM by (Carl
> W. Conrad) :
> > I don't think I would read Mk 2:6-7 to mean that Jesus claimed to BE
> > God but that he claimed authority which, in their view, only God
> > could legitimately claim

> I see your point and the distinction you are making. You may well be right in
> drawing a distinction between claiming to be God and claiming to have the
> authority of God... I need to ponder that one for a while.
> Another passage come to mind... how would you interpret Peter's confession in Mt
> 16:16?

But Jesus using the term Abba for God, which indeed may be authentic,
denotes a different relationship to God than prophets or priests used.
Also, Jesus did not *speak* as a representative of God (like the prophets
said they did) but *worked* deeds and did things that no prophet had ever

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