Re: Some question on Mark 6:35-39

From: Kenneth Litwak (
Date: Sat Sep 23 1995 - 00:40:22 EDT


   Thanks for your comments. First, I wold stress that Bezerkley, my
preferred orthography (or is it morphology that treats spelling -- I can never
keep them straight), fully lives up to or down to (depending upon your
perspective) its reputation. Besides seeing a rather wide variety of
"cultural" expressions, I have never lived anywhere in California where
it is assumed by virtually everyone that traffic laws have no meaning.
I always feel like a fighter pilot when dirving to or from GTU, assuming the
worst, and am rarely if ever disappointed.

   As to telic participles, this comes from Dana and Mantey, around page
220 or so, I think. They describe it as expressing purpose, and note that
the end result is usually seen as future. They do not cite this verse, but
it looked like this fit that category, particularly because it looks like
the participle is governed by hina. You note that it is not, so perhaps this
is not the correct classification. Taking hina as referring to a verb
farther along makes this look more like German sentences I've been seeing
lately, where der finds its noun about thirty words away after three forms of
werden and five complex adjective constructions, and I promise if I pass my
German test next week to not say anything else bad about German, for a while
anyway. Just as you haven't seen telic participle before, I haven't heard
of an accusative of result. I really wonder if a Greek speaker or reader would
have recognized these words as having a specific grammatical function
like that. Anyway, thanks for the help.

Ken Litwak
Bezerkley, CA


  And yes, I've lived in enough places and visited enough places in California,
especially being a native of So. Calfornia, to be able to authoritatively
state taht Berkeley is a weird place, even if it is literally a city set on
a hill.

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