Re: Romans 2:2

From: Mike Adams (
Date: Thu Sep 28 1995 - 12:44:57 EDT

Hello. I couldn't help but notice with interest you correspondences
back and forth with Dr. Conrad. It seems you have a great deal of
ambition, but I suspect you might be lacking in the way of tools. Do
you have a good intermediate Grammar? Dana and Mantey is a standard.
Vaughan and Gideon also have a good one. Dr. Mounce who posts regularly
here most likely has one as well. Any of these would help satisfy your
curiosity as to the subtler nuances of syntax.

Also, does your lexicon include Grammatical Analysis? Edward Hobbs and
others recently posted some terrific information concerning such
references. It may cost a bit of money to buy a sharper ax, but if you
plan on chopping many trees, you ought to invest.

Ellen Adams

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