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>Would someone help me with Romans 2:27:
>"kai krinei hH ek phusews akrobustia ton nomon telousa se ton dia grammatos
>kai peritomHs parabatHn nomou"?
>1) Is the writer saying that "the one who is physically uncircumcised and
>yet fulfills the law will judge you who are a transgressor of the law through
>'letter' and circumcision"?

(1) Yes, and KRINEI here probably should even be rendered "will condemn."

>2) If so, what is the justification for using the "ton" which is found
>before "dia"?

See (4)below.

>3) As a definite article what noun or pronoun does it stand in relation to?
> If it has a substantive use, how is it identified grammatically? Does it
>link with "parabatHn"? If so, why isn't it "tHn"? The other three nouns
>following it are genitives, if I'm not mistaken?

(3) PARABATHN (the only accusative m. sg. noun that really could go with
TON appropriately).

>4) Is there a simple rule governing the use of the article which I have

(4) Yes: the distinction between ATTRIBUTIVE and PREDICATIVE use of the
article; items sandwiched between the article and the substantive which it
governs function like attributive adjectives. e.g., TON AGAQON ANQRWPON,
"the good man"; hOI TOTE ANQRWPOI, "the men of that time"; hOI EN hUDATI
BAPTISQENTES, "those who have been baptized with water"

>5) Also, would making this verse a question as the UBS 4th ed. apparatus
>suggests some manuscripts have done have any bearing on the use of "ton" or
>the overall meaning of the verse?

No, not on the use of TON. As I read the UBS4, it is not, in fact, any MS
that puts a question-mark there, but rather the 1889 printed version of the
Textus Receptus and the 1978 "La Nouvelle Version Segond[e?) Revise'e."
That is, it's an editor suggesting it be read as a question; it's not
something found in the MSS. And it has no bearing on the use of TON here
which is nothing extraordinary at all.

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