Romans 2:27

Date: Thu Sep 28 1995 - 10:16:04 EDT

Dr. Conrad,

If I understand you, then "DIA GRAMMATOS KAI PERITOMHN" would in effect
function as an adjective modifying "nomou" with "ton" as the definite article
preceding "nomou." It would be like saying "the (...white and blue and
yellow...) house."

The only other question is regarding the genitive use of "nomou." Is that
because "dia" takes the genitive?

I was also confusing the gender of "PARABATHN."

Finally, would you agree that "EPAINOS" in 2:29 is the author's "play" on the
Hebrew word for "Judah.?" If so, it would seem to fit the argument being
made in this chapter and the first chapter. I'm translating "epainos" simply
as "praise."


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