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Dale Wheeler wrote,
>Given the point made by BDF (ss101) and Robt (Gr, p. 1219) that the passives
>(present only ?) come from RHGNUMI and the actives come from RHSSW, the only
>occurrence of RHGNUMI in the present is Matt 9:17, the present passive; all
>the others are evidently from RHSSW 1 (which means the same thing as
>RHGNUMI), since the other four occurrences are Aorist and Future. BDF

There is no way to know whether the aorist or future comes from hRHSSW or
hRHGNUMI since their unique forms are found only in the present. The stem of
both is hRHG. For the present it adds a consonantal iota which combines with
the G to produce SS or it adds NU for the present which takes MI endings.
 hRHG when the sigma is added produces the hRHXW of the future and the ERRHXA
of the aorist.
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