Re: Keeping up...

Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 17:58:31 EDT

Rick Brannan wrote,
>Anyway, I find myself in constant need of review and really have little idea

>about how to effectively review/keep up the knowledge base. If anyone has
>any suggestions concerning books or tools that they have found helpful in
>keeping up, I would appreciate the recommendations, as well information on
>where I might locate them. Specifically, help with grammatical and
>syntactical issues (yeah, I know -- that's kind of broad) would be

Read as much Greek as possible, taking note of the things that give you the
most trouble and then bone up on them. Two Morphologies came out in 1994,
Brooks and Winbery, Morphology of the NT (University Press of America and
Mounce, NT Morphology (not exact tho I have it), Zondervan. These are
primarily intended for review and reference. These do not deal with syntax.
 There are a number of syntax books on the market. Brooks and Winbery also
have one from Univ. Press of Am. (needs revising).
Carlton Winbery
LA College, Pineville, LA

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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