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Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 23:23:03 EDT

Here is how to get the Greek aids I mentioned in my post on keeping up. All
these are Mac-based.

Patricia's Greek and Theos Tutor I downloaded from AOL. I don't remember now
where I found them, but here are their designers and how to reach them. I
suspect I found info on them in the newsgroups, religion.soc, or somesuch.

1. Patricia's NT Greek Vocab Review. Hypercard stack with 1167 most
frequently used words (all frequencies of >= 9). I've used this and found it
fun and helpful. It's shareware (5$).

Contact: Laurence W Veinott
          Rt, 2 Bix 378
          Lisbon, NY 13658
          (315) 393-1085

He says he's LVeinott at AOL which I'm assuming translates to

It requires Alexandria font (comes with Zondervan's Greek MacBible)

2. Theos Tutor is a product of Charlie Woods, Vision Ministries, who is at
DTS. He also has Torah Greek, Hebrew and some games. I've not used this at

Contact Charlie at: Charles R. Woods c/o
                     Pastoral Ministries Dept.
                     Dallas Theological Seminary
                     3909 Swiss Ave.
                     Dallas Texams 75204

3. Online Bible lists the Greek and Hebrew texts as well as online lexicons
and claims to be a successful competitor to Zondervan's MacBible. You can get
more information by contacting
                  Ken Hammel
                  Box 168
                  Oakhurst, NJ 07755

4. Bill Mounce's Greek Hangman, which I and my kids thoroughly enjoy (Thanks
Bill!), was recently listed here on B-Greek. I'm reproducing his post below.

>My Greek hangman game for the Macintosh is done!

>"Peter's Faith" can be downloaded from my ftp site and used for free. It
uses the story of Peter walking on the water. You choose the chapters in
BASICS OF BIBLICAL GREEK, it gets the vocabulary, mixes them, and then
plays the game. With every mistake you shift to the next scene in the
story. Great graphics and sound! Your students will love it, and it will
help provide that periodically needed break from first year Greek (or any
year, really).

>"Peter's Faith" is writeware. If you use it, please write and tell me,
especially if you find any problems with it.

>When you get it, click anywhere on the screen for a popup menu with the
different options, including "Help."

>It can be downloaded from "" in the directory
"usr/billm/greek/mac". Log on as anonymous.
You need both "Peter.sea.bin" (628 K) and "SCPlayer.sea.bin" (638 K). Sorry
about the size, but multimedia is worth it. The second file is the
SuperCard Player. I kept it separate from the program to make subsequent
games smaller to download. It can also be downloaded directly from
Allegiant at "" (or "" on the Web) in the
directory "SuperCard/SuperCard-Player/SuperCard-Player-2.5.sit.hqx".

>"Peter's Faith" requires a Macintosh (68020 or greater), a 14" color
monitor (256 colors minimum, 640 x 480 pixel display), System 7, 5
megabytes of RAM available, and 4 megabytes available on the hard disk.

>I hope it helps your students learn Greek.

>Bill Mounce

Happy Hunting

Karen Pitts
Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Hopewell, NJ, teacher of NT Greek
David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ, statistician
kpitts@sarnoff. com

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