New Phone Number for The GRAMCORD Institute

From: Paul A. Miller (
Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 01:11:56 EDT

We are well aware that the recent change in The GRAMCORD Institute area code
has been an inconvenience for some of you. The new number is indeed
360-576-3000. (The old area code was 206.)

Some institutional phone systems, PBX's, and even some local phone company
exchanges have not been reprogrammed to accept the strange "360" area code.
The U.S. telephone area code system has traditionally used "0" or "1" as the
middle digit but when all such permutations were exhausted, the "360" area
code was one of the first "untraditional" ones introduced. If you are unable
to call us via the new phone number, please try a residential phone or a
different long distance carrier AND/OR complain to the appropriate party.

You can also reach The GRAMCORD Institute by our unchanged FAX number
(503-761-0626) or via my email at

Prof. Paul A. Miller (Email:
The GRAMCORD Institute
2218 NE Brookview Dr., Vancouver, WA 98686, U.S.A.
  Voice (360)576-3000; FAX (503)761-0626
Computer-Assisted Biblical Language Research (IBM & MAC)

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