Re: Some questions on Mark 9:1-5

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Date: Fri Oct 06 1995 - 10:39:41 EDT

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>At 9:49 AM 10/5/95, Kenneth Litwak wrote:
>> I have a few grammatical questions regarding Mark 9. I hope these aren't
>>things I'm supposed to know already.
>>1. 9:1 has Qanatou in the genitive. Bauer says that the verb yeuomai takes
>>the accusative. What's the genitive doing here, or rather, what does it
>>signify case-wise?

>I really hate to say this, but if Bauer (I assume you mean BAGD) says that
>GEUOMAI takes an accusative, he's flat out wrong. Many verbs of sense
>perception, among them AKOUW, GEUOMAI, AISQANOMAI, regularly take a
>partitive genitive. There's a danger in overrating the authority of a
>lexicon; one ought at least to check it against others and, on a point like
>this, grammars, as this is a point usually dealt with in first-year
>vocabulary lists.

        Baur lists s.v. GEUOMAI, under #2, "fig[urative meaning], come to
know someth[ing]...W[ith] gen[itive] of the thing...."

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