Some questions on Mark 9:1-5

From: Kenneth Litwak (
Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 10:49:44 EDT

   I have a few grammatical questions regarding Mark 9. I hope these aren't
things I'm supposed to know already.
1. 9:1 has Qanatou in the genitive. Bauer says that the verb yeuomai takes
the accusative. What's the genitive doing here, or rather, what does it
signify case-wise?
2. In 9:3 and possibly 9:7, egeneto appears and seems to form some sort of
compound "tense" with a present participle. I've never read a description of
such a construction. Can ginomai replace eimi to form a periphrastic
participle (knowing, however, that Mark does use eimi in the same block
of text to form a perhiphrastic makes me doubt that)?
3. wphqH in 9:4 is singular, yet it seems to have a plural subject,
Elijah with Moses, or is Elijah the sole subject of the verb, with the data
Mwusei an additional qualification upon the subject, but not part of the
subject itself? I'm aware of neuter plural subjects taking the singular of
eimi, but not of other finite verbs.
By the way, what would be a goodf replacement for my Dana and Mantey from which
I derive many of my grammatical terms? I know there are works written by
members of this list, but I'm not clear which would function in the role of
an intermediate grammar, adn I gather that D&M if not looked on too
kindly these days. THanks in advance.

Ken Litwak
Bezerkley, CA

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