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Date: Sat Oct 07 1995 - 07:34:53 EDT

I might as well forward to the list my response to Paul Bodin's note of
yesterday; I guess I hadn't realized that his note had come only to me
originally and that my reply also had gone only to him. Then our system
went down at noon for the rest of the day yesterday and I found this
morning that my subscription to b-greek has been terminated because of
"bounced messages." I hope I've gotten that taken care of. Now I'll have to
check the archive and see what I've missed!

>Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 12:18:25 -0500
>To: pjbodin@SIRIUS.COM (Paul J. Bodin)
>From: (Carl W. Conrad)
>Subject: Re: Some questions on Mark 9:1-5
>At 8:33 AM 10/6/95, Paul J. Bodin wrote:
>>One might add here that there is a danger in treating a lexicon as a
>>dictionary. A lexicon is not intended to give a simple, one-line
>>definition as a dictionary attempts to do. If one reads the full
>>article on GEUOMAI in BAGD and considers the citations, one finds that
>>GEUOMAI is used both with the accusative, in some contexts, and with the
>>genitive in other contexts. Considering the citations also gives one a
>>chance to develop a feel for the shades of meaning that a word may
>>convey. A good lexicon is an entry point for the student; by following
>>up on the references one can develop a feeling for the actual usage of a
>>word _in_situ_ rather than settling for a gloss.
>But in fact there's no real difference between a REAL lexicon and a REAL
>dictionary: one is a Greek word, the other Latin. A good lexicon and a
>good dictionary do exactly the same thing: categorize the usage of a word
>in terms of its primary and secondary senses and offer sufficient examples
>of the range of usage that a serious student can gain an educated feel for
>how the word works/worked in the language in question.

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