DIO in 2 Co 5:9

From: L. E. Brown (budman@sedona.net)
Date: Tue Oct 10 1995 - 13:19:54 EDT

#1 - Scope of DIO

The conjunction DIO in 2 Co 5:9 is drawing an inference or a
conclusion based upon what has preceded. My question is, how broad is
the scope of this particular conjunction? Does it encompass only those
arguments adduced in vv. 6-8 (which is itself a conclusion "OUN"), or
does it extend all the way back to encompass everything in vv. 1 &ff?

#2 - Significance of KAI

Is the KAI adverbial, indicating that the conclusion or inference is
an obvious one -- sort of a 'slam dunk' deduction?

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