NA27 apparatus perplexity

Date: Tue Oct 10 1995 - 13:48:53 EDT

Re: NA27 apparatus perplexity

Rod Decker <> wrote:

>1. Mark 8:13, apparatus contains a string of minuscule numbers separated by
>periods (as usual), then the note 'pc' [a few others], and then the numbers
>1241, 1424 --separated by commas. The questions are, why are these two
>minuscules (at least I'm assuming that's what they are), 1) cited out of
>sequence, 2) following the 'pc', and 3) separated by commas instead of

>2. Mark 8:35 (this one is a bit more complex; I'll try to summarize)
>The two variants are marked with: Represented below
> a. the right angle substitution bracket, and [apolesei
> b. the dotted oblique angle substitution brackets: <tHn psuchHn
>The two variants are not divided with the usual vertical line in the
>apparatus, but instead are joined with 'et' [and]. The question is
>basically, why the 'et' here? In more detail, if you have time, how is the
>evidence to be sorted out?

Re: Mk 8,13:
IMHO, this is a mistake of the editors.
NA26 read: 28.33.565.700.892 pc, 1241,1424,it.
This mistake was continued in the apparatus of NA27:
28.33.565.579.700.892.2427.2542 pc, 1241,1424, it

Re: Mk 8,35:
You are right that you have to reconstruct the witnesses
for apolesei here yourself. The same applies to many other
instances in the apparatus of NA26 and NA27.
I have no idea why they put in the ET.

Erik van Halsema []

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