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Date: Sat Oct 07 1995 - 12:59:14 EDT

You wrote:
>To Whomever Can Help:
>I am brand new to this list and also a new grad student. I am looking

>for suggestions for a beginner-intermediate grammer for _biblical_
>I learned Greek a few years ago with a classical grammar (Chase and
>Phillips). Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good
>or two, both to use to teach in the future and to brush on my
>Frank Judd

As with all beginning grammars I've ever possessed, I gave my most
recent one away. It was a blue paperback I believe, and I think the
cover had a background printed of Johannine scripture. It was quite
nice. The approach was basic and simple. As I recall, the writer had
students jumping into scripture reading rather quickly. Anyone out
there familiar with this one?

In the bookstores I've glanced at Bill Mounce's, and it looks good.
I believe he uses a more traditional approach to ensure a very solid
foundation in skill and knowledge.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see that David Alan Black has
written a grammar as well. Other books of Black that I read deal with
linguistic theory and exegesis. His grammar includes extra insights
concerning theory and practice. One who wants to stick strictly to
essentials may find this superfluous. Personally, I like the overview.

Of course, price may also be a consideration. Most students of Greek
I've known had limited budgets. I think the blue one was comparatively

There's plenty more out there than these. I'm sure others on the list
have several to recommend. We are fortunate that there is so much more
to choose from now than a couple decades ago. So browse.

I'd be really curious to see what you pick out.

Housewife and mom.
Amateur linguist.

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