Beginning Grammars

From: Terry Austin (
Date: Tue Oct 10 1995 - 23:25:22 EDT

Hi all,
This is my first posting in this group and I must say that the "heat"
generated by this topic has captured my attention-enough to even
venture my first message!

Going past the controversy, I'd like to put in my vote for the best
beginning grammars. I've gone through quite a few for personal study
and for teaching beginners. There are two first class grammars on the
market that I would highly recommend: The Basics of Biblical Greek by
Bill Mounce and Learn to Read New Testament Greek by David Alan Black.
I don't think a person could do much better than either of those.

Scholarship doesn't stand still. It's seems natural to me that we must
keep learning and pushing ourselves to new horizons. If we hadn't
pushed ourselves in the technological world, we wouldn't be
communicating as we are now. How much more can this be true of
biblical scholarship? We don't ignore the advancements of the past (or
stay there)-we build on them. I think we should all applaud the
efforts (and thank the Lord's grace) of those who devote great portions
of their lives to further knowledge in these areas.

Terry Austin

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