Re: NA27 apparatus perplexity

From: Bruce Terry (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 17:30:37 EDT

On Wed, 11 Oct 95, Mark O'Brien wrote re Mark 8:35:

>I think (and I may well be wrong here), but there are basically four
>variants at work here:
>1. There are some MSS that have APOLESH as opposed to APOLESEI.
>2. There are some MSS that have both APOLESH as opposed to
>APOLESEI and which also read THN EAUTOU VUXHN following this.
>3. There are some MSS which read AUTHN for AUTOU.
>4. And then there is the reading as it stands in the text.

If I'm not mistaken the AUTHN is read for THN hEAUTOU VUCHN rather than for
AUTOU. Also add a fifth variant, the omission of an object in the Latin MS q.

But to date I have failed to see what the _et_ adds that a "|" wouldn't give.

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