Re: NA27 apparatus perplexity

Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 15:22:12 EDT

Larry W. Hurtado wrote;

>The apparatus in NA27 at Mk 8:13 is punctuated with periods >after some
minuscule mss and then a comma separating some >from others because some of
the mss are in the "lst order" >classification of the Alands and some of in
the "2nd order" >(see NA27 Intro, pp. 58f.). N.B. also Appendix 2, where
>readings of mss. cited in the round brackets at 8:13 appear.<

But if that is the case, why do the same two mss appear in the apparatus for
verse 9 above in the regular order separated by periods?
A more probable explanation is the one having to do with order. But, even
that cannot be gleaned from the introduction.
Carlton Winbery
LA College, Pineville, LA

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