Logos Tech Support Rates "F"

From: L. E. Brown (budman@sedona.net)
Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 10:04:06 EDT

Dear Bible Student,

Attached is a copy of an e-mail message I sent to Logos Research
Systems concerning their technical support. I have posted it hear just
to warn those who are considering this product to think twice. I still
think it is the finest software out there, but unless you are
technically inclined, know how computer programmers think and can
figure things out without tech support, you'd better think twice.

For the time being I am counseling those who consider Logos to wait
until their tech support problems are resolved.

To: tech@logos.com
From: "L. E. Brown" <budman@sedona.net>
Subject: Logos Tech Support Rates "F"


RE: A complaint and a bug.

** First, the complaint

It is outrageous that tech support call backs are taking a week! I
called this morning with a problem and was told that you are a week
behind. That is absolutely absurd and it is inexcusable.

I have been bragging on your product to everyone I know; and (not to
toot my own horn) I have friends in high places. Two seminary
presidents, a college president and several well known authors and
scholars. Now I could kick myself because _if_ these people license
your product as I strongly suggested, and they then have problems, I'm
going to look like a real ass.


** Now, the problem.

I observe that either the documentation for the note taking facility
is incorrect, unclear, or the note taking facility has a serious bug
that renders it useless.

The dialog box which allows one to add a note permits entering a note
title without a reference. When one adds a note and assigns a title
rather than a verse reference, the file will not save, an internal
error is generated and several attempts to save result in an
unrecoverable GPF.

To wit; I was surveying the fields of meaning of the soteria/sozo word
group in context. To record my observations I created a new note file
and entered a note entitled "Set free." I then added several other
notes entitled, "from demons," "from guilty conscience," "from
besetting sin," and "from slavery." Each of the "from" notes was
indented once to display them as subordinate to the "Set free" note.
Each of the "from" notes had a cross reference in it.

Several attempts to save this file with various titles was
unsuccessful. But, contrary to what Logos reported, part of the file
_did_ save to disk. When I opened the note file with a disk editor, I
observed that the file was truncated at the end of the "Set Free"

What's going on here?

Mark me down as someone who loves Logos 2.0; it's a wonderful product.
But I cannot in good conscience recommend to anyone and will in fact
steer those who ask for my recommendation to another product -- until
tech support is adequate.

Please advise me when your tech support staff is back up to speed so
that people get same day service. Then I'll put you back on my
"recommended" list.

BTW: This letter is going to be posted on about a half dozen different
news groups.

Dr. L. E. Brown, Jr. West Sedona Baptist Church
                                      Sedona, Az.
"Fresh Sermon Illustrations:"

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