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From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 13:11:00 EDT

THEOMATICS is the title of the book written by Jerry Lucas, former basketball
star (college? pro?), married to Sherrilee Lucas, Christian singer (at one
time). He devised a memory system using pictures for memorizing the entire
New Testament, though it was only published (as REMEMBER THE WORD) for the 4
gospels. I used it at one time and successfully memorized Matthew and 1/2 of
John, but stopped doing the hour-a-day review I needed to retain it, and
consequently lost what I had learned.

The book may still be in print; I got my copy at a used book store. The
thesis is that set patterns of words, or repetitions of significant words,
are encoded in the text of the New Testament. I'd have to read the book to
remember much more than that. It's interesting that the current issue of
Bible Review (hardly a conservative magazine)--the one I got in the mail last
week (it may not be on the newsstands yet)--has an article about much the
same thing with respect to the Torah, and how some respected scientists in
Israel, I believe, did a scientifically and statistically valid series of
studies proving this phenomenon in 1988, but their results were ignored
because no one wanted to admit the compelling proof they were offering that
the Torah's source was not human. The renegade "scholar," archeologist and
former Baptist minister but now adherent of the 2-covenant theory and a
strong proponent of rabbinic interpretation of the scriptures--Vendyl Jones
from here in Arlington, Texas--publishes a newsletter, and his most recent
issue deals with this same subject of the "Torah codes"--though his
discussion is much more vehement and passionate.

I, too, would like to know what anyone out there thinks of Lucas' THEOMATICS
and the "Torah codes" hypothesis with its demonstration of hidden names in
the Torah, names which could not have been known to the biblical author(s).

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