Greek numerals? (fwd)

From: Mari Olsen (
Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 16:57:11 EDT

A good friend writes:

Mari, we have a Sunday morning adult ed class for choir members that's
being taught by a nice guy from the choir [stuff deleted]. [Y]esterday
he told us that next week he would talk about something called "theomatics", which apparently is a sort of
numerology. As I understand it, people who espouse this assert that
none of the three Biblical languages (I assume he means Hebrew,
Aramaic, and koine Greek) has numerals and that instead they assign
number values to their alphabetic characters. (I guess where he's
going to go from here is to show that there are amazing things based
on the number values of words in the Bible, the idea being that only
God could have planned something so complicated).

What I'm wondering is this: is it true that Greek had no numerals?
Jim can't remember one way or another, and I can't find my Greek

[stuff deleted]

Anyone have information on 'theomatics', or can otherwise read between
the lines of this to help her? You can answer to me, and I'll forward
it on (I'm curious, too).

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