Re: Greek numerals? (fwd)

From: James D. Ernest (
Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 20:32:52 EDT

alpha through iota, with stigma thrown in for six, represent
one through ten. Then kappa is 20, lambda is 30, etc. I think
koppa (like stigma obsolete in the literature we have) is used
somewhere. Greek also has another system I never learned. All
this is in Smyth and the other school grammars. As for adding
up values to get meanings: you can see that this concept was
not foreign to all biblical writers from the 666 thing in
Revelation; but the fact that it occurs in the apocalyptic-like
book of Revelation doesn't mean that it occurs anywhere else.
I would attach about as much significance to amazing combinations
conjured up by anyone as to Richard Lederer's observation that
the letters of Ronald Wilson Reagan's name can be rearranged to
spell Insane Anglo Warlord. (Let the reader understand.)
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