Re: Greek numerals? (fwd)

From: Michael I. Bushnell, p/BSG (
Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 19:57:06 EDT

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   Date: Mon, 2 Oct 1995 16:12:32 -0600
   From: Will Wagers <>

   No, they did have some "numerals", but it is true that the letters have
   numerical values and are even found in computations.

They did have numerals: the letters of the Greek alphabet were used as

They did not have any numerals except for letters; there were two
numerals that are not part of the classic Greek alphabet, but that's
only because they had fallen out of use in spelling words (much like
English thorn and yodh).

For example, the Greek text of Euclid uses letters as numerals.


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